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Adorage Effectpackage 1

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Adorage Effectpackage 1

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Dostupnost: obvykle skladem
Název: Adorage Effectpackage
Varianta: Adorage Effectpackage 1
Výrobce: ProDAD

Naše cena:1 174 Kč
Cena s DPH:1 421 Kč

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Související produkty (2)

  • Family - Be it your child’s birthday or a wedding celebration – Your memories become heirlooms of your special moments with the support of professional effects, which are backed by sophisticated 3D-animations.
  • Parties and Celebrations - Christmas or anniversary, Adorage 13 offers once again high-quality 3D-animations, pre-created as video or transition effect, to beautifully support your creation with sophisticated animations and effects.
  • Love and Romance - Accentuate romantic moments in your wedding documentary, or a film about your family by utilizing accessory-effects such as rings, hearts, bells, and much more.

Adorage offers detailed precompiled 3D-objects, which can be combined to elaborate on the romantic atmosphere of your creation, while being easy to use.

  • Ambience and Symbols - Sophisticated 3D gift boxes, the symbol of peace in form of doves, flowers or video albums – Adorage 13 offers versatile animations, tricks, and effects – easily accessible via mouse click, which can be turned into unique and  high-quality effect compositions.
  • Frames and Filters - Adorage 13 also offers, via mouse click, fascinating framing effects and compositions that evocatively accentuate your scenes.
  • Universal Effects - This package offers many effects with universally applicable themes. Popular light effects and particle animation, or a combination of both, extremely fast and easily generated, can be added to your creations – no matter what genre.
  • Short-Clips - Numerous prepared animations relating to a variety of subjects offer a base for your trailer, to your opening and closing credits, or simply as background of  picture-in-picture effects in your editing.

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