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Čtečka P2 karet - 3 sloty, připojení přes USB3

Dostupnost: 3-5 dnů
Název: AJ-PCD30EJ
Výrobce: Panasonic

Naše cena:44 930 Kč
Cena s DPH:54 365 Kč

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Product Highlights

  • External Drive for Macs & PCs
  • Internal Drive for PCs
  • All P2 Frame Rates & Resolutions
  • Offload 100 Mb/s Files at 12x Real Time
  • Transfer 3 Cards' Data Simultaneously
  • Backward-Compatible with USB 2.0

The Panasonic AJ-PCD30PJ Three-Slot P2 Drive with USB 3.0 Interface is a solid-state card reader that provides an extremely fast connection to a computer for quick offloading of up to three P2 cards simultaneously. The drive supports all file formats that can be recorded to Panasonic's P2 cards, including the 100 Mb/s AVC-Intra 100 and DVCPRO HD formats.

Using the PCD30 with a computer that has a RAID storage system is preferable, but the drive will also work with any computer with a USB 3.0 or 2.0 connection. When used with a simple RAID configuration and a USB 3.0 connection, transfer rates of 100 Mb/s material can be as high as 12x real time, depending on your processor speed and drive types. Even without RAID drives, you can achieve up to 4x transfer rates.

The three-slot capacity and the fast transfer speeds make the PCD30 suitable for any production that makes use of hours of footage, such as reality TV and documentary projects. With three 64 GB P2 cards installed in the drive, you can offload more than three hours of 100 Mb/s material at once – or more than six hours of 50 Mb/s content (such as DVCPRO50 and AVC-Intra 50).

Use the drive externally or install it in a 5-type bay on a computer (PC only) for use as a built-in reader. In either case, the AJ-PCD30PJ forms the basis of a highly efficient log/transfer station.

Note! USB 3.0/2.0 cable is not included. Transfer speeds vary based on computer, network, drive configuration, file size being transferred, application software, and P2 card version.

Super-fast USB 3.0 (1.5 Gb/s) transfer with USB 3.0 interface when connected to a compatible computer
Three P2 cards slots
Offloads AVC-Intra 100 & DVCPRO HD content at up to 12x real-time
Internal/external drive for Windows machines; external drive for Macs
USB 2.0 backward compatibility
Supports all P2 frame rates and formats

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