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Nový multiformátový 18" monitor od Panasonicu poskytujicí vynikající kvalitu obrazu.

Dostupnost: 7-14 dní
Název: BT-LH1850
Výrobce: Panasonic

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With HD/SD SDI and HDMI connectivity, the versatile LH1850 offers a 3D look-up table (LUT), which produces faithful color hues and smooth gradation, together with quick-response motion images. Impressive new features include HD and SD closed caption display, waveform monitor for R/G/B signals, vectorscope, an RS-485 serial remote, and an eco-friendly panel with mercury-free LED backlight that provides remarkably low-power consumption (22W, representing a more than a 50 percent reduction from the prior LH series model).

The LH1850’s 3D-LUT with six-pole color correction includes a look-up table for each signal level, and applies 10-bit image processing to each RGB color to balance the six coordinate axes of the three primary colors (RGB) and their complementary colors (CMY), resolving color drifting at low light levels and keeping colors vividly natural. The new monitor delivers an array of features requisite indemanding broadcast and production environments, including setting for gradation and selectable color temperature of 9,300/6,500/5,600 K, or 3,000 to 9,300 K.

The LH1850 can display closed captions with an SDI or video input; it supports the EIA/CEA-708 and EIA/CEA-608 SD-SDI closed captioning standards, and can display up to eight windows simultaneously. Like the monitor’s waveform monitoring display function, the LH1850’s vectorscope can now display all lines of the SDI input signal (Y/R/G/B). Various markers can be displayed in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, including aspect (4:3, 13:9, 14:9, CNSCO 2.39, CNSCO 2.35, 2:1, and VISTA in 16:9 mode), safe area and center. A simple cross hatch overlay can be displayed to check the tilt of the camera. The monitor’s Pixel-to-Pixel function displays inputted video without any resizing, and a still frame display function can freeze a frame and display it as a sub-screen. The color audio level meter displays the input level of embedded audio, and a Time Code display shows the value of the VITC, LTC or UB time code.

The LH1850 incorporates diverse video inputs and remote terminals to realize superb operability in a system configuration. Two SDI inputs (SDI1/SDI2) with an automatic HD/SD switching function are standard and support embedded audio. A next-generation HD Link is featured to allow high-quality connection of a wide range of digital HD products with an HDMIterminal, such as Blu-ray/DVD players. Digital and analog DVI-I (Single Link) input is also provided.

The new RS-485 Serial Remote permits up to 32 monitors to be connected in a loop-through configuration, each of which can be designated and controlled by a distinct IDnumber. TSL commands allow text display (8 alphanumeric characters) and tally indication. The monitor also supports unique Panasonic commands (equivalent to RS-232C).

Additional features include pre-installed calibration software, Cine-gamma Film-Rec compensation, H/V delay display, mono mode, and customizable function keys on the front panel that can be assigned with various display modes and settings for quick, one-touch adjustments. Other assets include a standard tilt stand, tally lamp, Key Lock function, stereo speakers and headphone jack on the front panel, fanless drive and quiet operation, and Auto Power Down. The LH1850 operates off of AC or DC power.

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