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IBIS DMNG je patentované, revoluční přenosné řešení pro cenově dostupný mobilní přenos, předeším ve zpravodajství (DMNG - Digital Mobile News Gathering). Bezdrátový přenosový systém od Aviwest umožňuje produkovat žívé přenosy přes mobilní datovou telefonní 3G síť.

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Aviwest IBIS DMNG mounted on cameraThe concept of this new system is based on the use of simple and cost effective 3G, 3G+ or Wi-Fi connections to compliment or replace the complex, heavy and costly satellite contribution based DSNG infrastructures. 

IBIS DMNG is based on dedicated, very powerful, multi-processor hardware developed by Aviwest to create a compact and efficient unit - embedding video professional interfaces and integrating a cutting-edge H.264 video compression technology. 

This small, lightweight system is able to stream a high quality live video, back to the TV station or control centre through up to 4 bundled and load balanced 3G links, to take advantage of several mobile phone network's bandwidths and ensure the best quality of service. It weighs less than 1Kg, including the internal, rechargeable battery, and has fixings to attach it to the camera. Video input is via SDI or composite connections, and options include a tally light to let the crew know when they’re On Air. Mic input and headphone output connectors are also provided for a studio talkback channel.

IBIS DMNG Back ViewDesigned to be used by journalists and security forces who want to concentrate on the video content, and not their equipment, the unit is very simple to use through its friendly touch screen. It takes only few seconds to boot and the unit is On Air and automatically configured to the available network capacity. The IBIS DMNG can transmit real-time live video, as it happens, or store that content on its 32GB SD memory for later forwarding over a 3G, 3G+ or Wi-Fi link.

The integrated DMNG system (please see system overview image below) means that the IBIS DMNG unit streams directly to the IBIS Studio client application. IBIS Studio is able to receive several incoming streams from remote IBIS DMNGs. The application allows the TV station / control centre to view, store and output the video, and to interact live with the remote journalists / camera operators.

IBIS DMNG System Overview



The IBIS DMNG is designed for use in both the broadcast and security markets, and is currently used by national and local TV stations, news agencies, content providers, police forces and security services. Applications include:


  • Breaking News
  • Outdoor Live Shows
  • Interviews


  • Public Order
  • Surveillance

Key Advantages

  • Broadcast video quality 
  • SDI in 
  • Low latency
  • Time to On Air: just a few seconds
  • Easy to use Auto-configuration mode 
  • Long life embedded battery (1-3 hours life), with additional power options of external battery (extends life to 6 hours) or adaptor to run from camera battery.
  • Intercom channel 
  • Light (740gr incl. battery) 
  • Small (15 x 11 x 3 cm) 
  • Chassis can be easily fixed on the camera, the tripod or on a belt.
  • Optional protection case secures modems alongside unit and protects screen (see photo).
  • Integrated solution: the IBIS DMNG unit streams direct to the IBIS Studio – allowing you to view, store and output your video via an SDI output.
  • Low operational cost


Main specifications:

  • Input Interfaces:  
    • SDI
    • Composite
  • Output Interfaces:
    • Ethernet RJ45
    • 4 x USB ports, External MoDems, 3G, 3G+, Wi-Fi
  • Video Compression: H.264 Main Profile up to 2Mbps CIF, QCIF, HHR, FD1
  • Audio Compression: HE-AAC
  • Configuration:
    • Friendly touch screen
    • Web GUI
  • Memory: SD Card
  • Power Supply:
    • Embedded battery
    • Optional external battery


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