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Metus MediaCube

Metus MediaCube

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The Technology Metus MediaCube is designed to be installed onto an affordable Windows server platform. MediaCube is simple to administer and use, yet is easy to integrate with edit stations and graphics workstations. It gives local and remote users fast access to all their files and projects, both live and archived.

  1. The MediaCube Server can be installed on one virtual or physical server only
  2. MediaCube uses SQL Express as database which is installed during the setup routine
  3. Client and storage limits can be increased by selecting a pre-defined bundle
  4. Supports single tape drives for offline storage (with Standard and Pro bundles)
  5. Works with any type of storage, DAS, NAS, or SAN, plus standalone tape drives  

How Metus MediaCube works

Metus MediaCube provides a seamless workflow to manage all your medium media assets.

  1. Logs multi-format media assets into a central database, either by importing them to central storage or by tracking assets in their original network locations
  2. Transcodes between the supported formats
  3. Adds markers to video files for use as search criteria
  4. Intelligently categorizes assets
  5. Add an unlimited amount of custom metadata fields in various types
  6. Engages lightning fast search among thousands of assets using any combination of entered metadata and search criteria
  7. Supports AVID DNxHD content for playback and transcoding
  8. Integrates with FCP via dedicated MAC client
  9. Integrates with playout software, via plugins or playlists
  10. Integrates with NLE systems via plugins (available for Edius, Vegas, Premiere)


MediaCube compared with Metus MAM Enterprise

MediaCube uses the same engine as MAM Enterprise. It supports the same video/audio/image formats and shares the core features and functionality.

However, running on a single server, it is most suitable for small to medium size customers. As reflected in the licensing structure, the system architecture reduces the option to scale the archive and some of Metus MAM Enterprise’s API and optional components, such as image based searching and Information Lifecycle Management are not available.


The Choice for Small to Medium Businesses

Metus MediaCube is ideal for organizations who want to manage their multimedia assets. These include:

  1. Small to medium size TV stations
  2. Live production and post production companies
  3. Small corporations, private companies, non-profit organisations
  4. Educational institutions
  5. Houses of worship
  6. Municipalities, ministries, and other public institutions


MediaCube Core Functionality

MediaCube is quick to set up and easy to manage. This makes it specially suitable to companies prefer a system that works out of the box.

  1. Collect media assets into a secure and easily searchable archive
  2. Track the assets in the archive
  3. Convert assets into multiple formats
  4. Export and deliver media in any format with optional customized data
  5. Process, edit and grade archived files using 3rd party tools
  6. Track of actions performed on your archive
  7. And much more!


Server Components:

  • Windows 2008 and 2012 Server, 64-bit
  • Windows 2008 and 2012 Server, 64-bit, IIS 6.0 or later



  • Uses standard off the shelf server hardware
  • Support of any type of storage such as NAS, SAN, DAS
  • Supports nearline-offline storage systems ranging single tape drive to only single drive.
  • All components can be installed on single server.
  • Archives are organized into Archive Projects: each Project can have the same or different users metadata structure, storage.


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