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This top of the line pistol-grip control for Fujinon 12-pin lenses utilizes the finest components and has a beautifully machined aluminum housing and articulated clamp. The dual-variable circuit allows for the finest degree of zoom speed control. Pair with any Fujinon focus control for savings.

Dostupnost: 3-5 dnů
Název: VZ-PG-F12
Výrobce: Varizoom

Naše cena:10 405 Kč
Cena s DPH:12 590 Kč


The VZ-PG-F12 provides remote zoom control for Fujinon 12-pin video lenses and it will clamp to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar. The PG-F12 features a dual-variable system for versatile, precise control of zoom speed. Set the maximum desired speed on the dial (located in a 'trigger' position), then use the pressure-sensitive rocker to vary the speed from a crawl all the way up to the preset max. Alternatively, depress the rocker fully and roll the dial with your index finger to ramp the speed up.

  • Pair with any Fujinon Focus Control for $50 Kit Savings
  • Combination of pressure-sensitive zoom rocker and speed dial provides precise dual-variable zoom control
  • Speed dial acts as a limiter for max speed or a 'ramping' device
  • Red record/pause button
  • Video return button plays back the last 5 seconds of recorded material and cues the tape up to the last recorded frame to ensure proper timecode sync
  • Rubber-foam grip with a ‘pistol grip’ curve for ergonomic comfort
  • Designed for use with left or right hand
  • Heavy-duty, quick-release aluminum swivel clamp for angular adjustment of handle position
  • Beautifully machined and engraved aluminum housing

VariZoom is the world's largest manufacturer of lens controls with the widest variety of controls offered anywhere. Our controls are used by CNN, CSPAN, National Geographic, and many others.

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