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wetSuit ARRI Alexa

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This wetSuit fits the ARRI Alexa like a glove while keeping all the ever-important control options available to the user. This rain cover protects the ARRI Alexa and MB 17 or MB 18.

Dostupnost: 3-5 dnů
Název: wetSuit ARRI Alexa
Výrobce: camRade

Naše cena:9 999 Kč
Cena s DPH:12 099 Kč
Původní cena:1009 999 Kč
Původní cena s DPH:1222 099 Kč


CamRade has developed a wetsuit in cooperation with ARRI Europe : the wetSuit ARRI Alexa. Since ARRI cameras are the absolute pillars of the movie industry at the moment it was a logical step for camRade to design a weather cover specifically for one of ARRI’s newest cameras. Whether you are shooting in a muddy, rainy or even dusty environment, the wetSuit ARRI Alexa will protect your camera in every possible way. Next to camera protection you will receive the supreme quality you have come to expect from camRade, since we use only the very best fabrics and noiseless technology for ARRI’s wetSuit. Package includes: ARRI Alexa and MB 17 or 18 Mattebox.


  • camrade [16.92 MB] - Camrade katalog

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